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Our Components

Industry-standard upload component that allows your ASP application to capture, save and process arbitrary files uploaded with a browser. Supports progress bars.
Manages PDF documents on the fly. Provides encryption, signing, multi-language support, tables, form fill-in, stitching, barcodes, HTML-to-PDF, PDF-to-Image, printing, and more.
Native .NET version of AspPDF with the exact same extensive feature set plus the flexibility of a 100% managed-code component which can just be copied to the /Bin folder.
Image resizing component for creating high- quality thumbnails. Supports cropping, sharpening, picture-in-picture, metadata extraction, PNG and GIF output, various filters.
Native .NET twin of AspJpeg with an almost identical set of features combined with the power of a 100% managed-code assembly that does not need to be registered.
HEIF/HEIC and AVIF image decoder which converts these ultra-modern and advanced image formats to PNG for viewing and further processing.
Free email component with S/MIME-based secure mail support. Premium features include message queuing, embedded images, Unicode, HTML, TLS, SSL, DKIM.
Native .NET version of AspEmail and is equally feature-rich. Shipped with EmailAgent.NET, an advanced message queue service supporting multiple queues and TLS.
Data encryption, hashing and certificate management component. Can be used with AspEmail to send secure mail, and with AspPDF to sign PDF documents.
Server-side editable data-bound grid component providing read/write interfaces to arbitrary database tables in as little as 3 lines of ASP code.
Windows security management component which provides an object-oriented interface to user accounts, groups, group memberships, and file permissions.

What's New

09/03/2023 AspPDF, AspPDF.NET Updates
Contain several important bug fixes and enhancements involving Revision 6 encryption, color-space, image, and form fill-in modules.
05/04/2023 AspEmail, AspEmail.NET Updates
Two new highly secure cipher suites, both based on the Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) of AES added to the TLS module.
02/07/2023 AspJpeg, AspJpeg.NET Updates
The update contains an important bug fix and implements a new green screen removal feature.

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